The Community Build

2020 Gala

Community Build Gala – Saturday March 14, 2020

Join us in offering children living in El Salvador a better life.  Gang life has become the only way out for most of these children and we believe education should and will become the only way out! Let’s walk with them, believing that they are called to fulfill the purpose that God has for them in the Kingdom. Let’s walk with them to help them change their world. This can be done through discipleship and education.

Children in El Zonte are not able to finish high school because there is no high school in town. They must travel 30 minutes by bus outside of their town to go to school. 

This makes education out of reach for many because:

  • Public transportation exposes them to recruitment by gangs
  • Public transportation exposes them to violence and sexual assault
  • COST! Families do not have the means to pay bus fare let alone for any other type of safe transportation