Welcome to our landing page where you can learn more about Missionsake and The Community Build.

We have come to realize that we exist not only to help develop the spiritual, mental, physical, and relational health of the missionary community, but also of local communities we serve in El Salvador. 

Serving Local Communities

Caring for Missionaries

In the midst of this, God has been at work.  Missionsake came to El Salvador originally with the singular purpose of helping missionaries. Operating out of two locations in El Zonte and Punta Mango, we have seen lives transformed and the missionary community connected with one another like never before.

As we have built up our team and resourced in El Zonte and Punta Mango, we are also helping to make a significant impact in the local communities where we operate. With one of the highest murder rates in the world, many of the people there have struggled to find hope in their communities and so have gone into gangs, or as we’ve seen at our borders, many have also gone elsewhere to try and find sustenance and hope for the future.